I am one of those so-called "mail-order meteorologists" or am about to become one.

I am saddened at the venom that comes out of some of your mouths. I have been working in this field for 5 years and am not going apologize for my work simply because I didn't "work 4 years at MSU or another university in meteorology.

I was fortunate enough to start at a station that believed I would use good judgment when delivering the weather. I am working quite hard to complete my certification, and you know what? I am working in this field, and I am grateful that since I got into this in my 20s, that someone would take a risk on me. I have yet to let my viewers go unprotected when severe weather breaks, and lets face it, we can see a tornado on Doppler, but we still have to wait til the weather service issues that warning. we can only say that we see rotation, so don't ever put my abilities to communicate to viewers down because I don't have a BS in meteorology.

I take this field seriously, and I am taking the steps to have the knowledge that you have and it may take me a while longer, but speaking for myself, I don't have intentions of flaunting the title "meteorologist" when I get it, because I still have a ways to go and I know it. I consider the title to be one of hard work, and dedication, and those of you who are offended that we get in by some proverbial "back door" can talk to the universities who took the time and the hard work to make this possible. Ask them if they don't believe in us. I know where I stand, I don't appreciate being reminded that I'm not as "educated" as you.

pati darak-malitz
I'd appreciate your feedback.